If this doesn't work, I will be very sad.

Welcome to the first iteration of my website! Here I plan to archive artwork, mp3s, blogs, and just general content I worry I'll lose to the endless drawl of social media.

PATCH 1.0.0

redid all of the divider colouring and what not. im looking for a more unique ui but im unsatisfied with current concepts so... WIP.

Hi I'm WOLFA/BART/ALEX, a rookie programer, artist, and musician.
I have a deep love for the geekslop that extends into my hobbies. I'm starting my junior yr of uni and hope to study compsci and biochem.

Some things I love...

  • Xbox360
  • California
  • Italian clown theatre
  • Bad scene music
  • Unethical crafts [FUN TIP: Don't toss that disposable camera, make it a tazer!]
  • CS [DDR proj coming soon]
  • Experimental art and psych
  • Fandom [IDVcl, SJ, JJBA, PKM, Furry, vidya mostly MPS, Sherlock, ... etc]
  • Psychadelics

The internet holds a very special place in my heart. I grew up very online, so much so I was practically nonverbal until secondary schooling... Once you're wired, you can't unplug!

I've had this site since mid 2019? never used it. Hopefully this site will let me reconnect and shape my online presence more thoroughly. We'll see!