If this doesn't work, I will be very sad.

i love fortnite

DAY 1: laying out the framework for this site. Having the hardest time w/ borders, sections, and dividers, but I'm starting to get it! :P A MONTH LATER: need to practice code again for my ap portfolio. going to try and finalize this page tmr?

I've had this site since mid 2019? never used it. trying it out now.

Hi I'm Alex, rookie programer, artist, and musician.
I have plans of making a digital magazine of sorts w this site where I archive current fashion, vidya, and art trends. But for now, since this site is ~2 days old, it's just going to be a personal site.

I want to use this site to indulge in my love for the interwebs again. College and HS has consumed me!